How to Install rtl8812au Driver on Ubuntu for Wireless USB Adapters

'Devices using the Realtek AC600 & AC1200 chipsets, such as the Edimax EW-7811UTC and Edimax EW-7822UAC, require drivers that have not been merged with the linux kernel and do not come with most linux distros(yet). Follow this guide to install them yourself!' (cited from this blog)

My adapter is BrosTrend AC1200 Wireless Dual Band USB Adapter. The method below is cited from, and has been tested on Ubuntu 16.04 and Kali.



First, install some dependencies:

sudo apt-get install gcc-5 build-essential git linux-headers-$(uname -r)  

Then, run the following commands:

git clone  
cd rt18812AU  
make CC=/usr/bin/gcc-5  
sudo make install  
sudo modprobe 8812au  
echo 8812au | sudo tee -a /etc/modules  


Then, type ifconfig or airmon-ng to check your adapter.

Connect to adapters through VMware

If you are running vm in vmware, don't worry, check this out:

  • From the Menu Bar of VM, 【VM】--->【Removable Devices】--->【(Realtek) 802.11 n WLAN】--->【Connect(Disconnect from Host)】
  • Both NAT mod and Bridge mode are work.