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Congratulations to Chao's Domain Name!

In the past, there was a boy who born to be the greatest hacker ever in the human history.

He born with so many awesome talents that any one of them could make people admire and even envy. So, naturally, there were nothing that could stop this new star of human civilization from growing at a fast pace.

But there is an evil company who envies his talent so much that they dare want to try to stop our new star from being famous.

The company waits for years and years searching for an opportunity. Finally one day, the new star bought his own VPS from the company.

Pay the bill, set up the blog, share works that accomplished with his talent to benefit people, all the things went well, as usual. Then he decided to buy a Domain Name for his server.

But WAIT! This is the evil company who envies him very much! So even after our new star paid for the DN, he found that he cannot bind it to his server! He called the hosting company many many times but the evil company kept saying that they don't know the reason either. HOW DARE THEY SAY THIS to our NEW STAR!

Day after day, the new star kept fighting against the evil company and searching for the solution for his DN at the meantime. During this period, his hacking skills grow faster and faster and also during this time, he decided to call himself evilC, meaning to f*** all evil companies in the world and protect good people from them.

Am... what do I want to say at the very beginning...?

Oh yeah! The Domain Name! Today, a date that must be remembered by history, the new star finally successfully bind his domain name to his server! Today, the light of human civilization will be shinning through the world and makes human great again! Let's cheers for the DN!

OK OK. So in a word, Chao's new domain name is evilcsec.com.

Congratulations to Chao's Domain Name!
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